'I believe colour communicates emotion, creates mood and speaks directly to the soul'

Julia’s painting practice is concerned with colour, space and form.

Her primary means of expression is through the exuberant application of colour.

With the use of mark making, texture and line – the surface is scratched, wiped away, traces are left-, layers are built up until the final work is reached and allowed to remain. It speaks for itself, what she wants to say is formalised in the end result – the working process, the adding and taking away, much the same as the way we too are shaped, transformed and ultimately moulded by our experiences.

It is her challenge to communicate her preoccupations with the human condition, with the self we become, the self we are left with when everything else is stripped away, and ultimately the sheer joy of being alive.

These are familiar subjects; mortality, existence, time, and infinite space, expressed in a form of lyrical abstraction.

Julia also works in other mediums such as printmaking and collage, and finds drawing is essential to her artistic practice.

Alongside Julia’s commitment to painting is her love of writing poetry, where the same themes often occur.

Julia worked in London as a freelance textile designer, then as a textile consultant for a fashion company.

She has worked full time as a painter since moving to North Essex in 1994 and is a passionate supporter of all areas of the arts.


1975-1978 B.A. Hons. English & Art History, The University of East Anglia, Norwich.

1981-1982 Sir John Cass School of Art, London

1982-1984 Post-Grad. Diploma in Textile Art, Goldsmiths College, London